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The E-Commerce Associate Program

Allow us to make you familiar with the E-commerce Associate Program from Tripleclicks. This program is designed to provide small business merchants the opportunity to reach millions and it’s free to join. It eliminates advertising cost. s an ECA you have the flexibility of listing the best selling products only that work best online and interacting with potential customers to gain their feed back. This is something you don’t always have with a brick and mortar store. It also allows your customers to communicate with you from comfort of their home.

You can expand your horizons and sell to people all around the world. Your exposure is increased because of the vast number of people on the site and when they search for a product you are selling you have a chance to gain them as a customer.                                           

As an ECA, you will have over a hundred thousand affiliates with the ability to market you product or service.

You also get a free domain with their company name so customers an reach out and connect with them easily wherever they are in any part of the world.

I will also tell them that they will have the freedom of choosing the best prices for their products. You are free to choose which shipping method to use in delivering your       products to your customers and are free to place any shipping charges required.

The E-Commerce Associates (ECA) Program is designed for small and medium businesses and commercial sellers who want to market their products and services to prime prospects globally.

The ECA program is hosted on the e-commerce shopping site. There is no cost to become an ECA. Once accepted into the program, an ECA can list as many products or services as they choose; there is no cost for listing the items.

TripleClicks provides secure shopping cart, customer check-out and payment processing features, including a multitude of payment options, wish lists, gift registries and more.

There is an application process to become an ECA. Approval usually takes one or two business days.

Approved ECAs choose the products and services to list, when to list them or remove them, and what retail price to set for each item.

TripleClicks handles order and payment processing. When an item sells, the ECA is notified and ships the product. Once shipment is confirmed, the price of the item, minus the TripleClicks fee, is credited to the ECA’s TripleClicks account. The ECA can choose to receive the funds from their account either weekly via check or PayPal, or daily via electronic funds transfer.

A variety of other options and features are available to ECAs, and all information can be accessed via the ECA’s TripleClicks account once they have been accepted into the program.

There is no risk involved to become an ECA and no obligation to list items unless or until the ECA is ready to do it, so interested ECAs are encouraged to apply to get an inside look at ALL of the program features and benefits!

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