A Quick Look at My Journey at how to make extra money on the side from using the internet – Part One

By Nathaniel Balcom

   This is part one of a three-part article focused on the experiences that I have had over my past thirteen plus years in being on the internet and trying to figure out how to make extra money on the side from using the internet.

In The Beginning

   One of the biggest obstacles that I have ever tried to overcome has been how to make extra money on the side from using the internet.

   Of course, I was a little familiar with the internet and the fact that people were starting to make some serious money using it. I figured that it couldn’t be that difficult and I should jump on board right away. I didn’t want to get left off the money train.

   I, like many people, thought that putting up a website with products for sale would almost guarantee that I would be able to make some money. Man, oh man, how wrong I was in that assumption.

   Now remember, this all occurred in beginning in the fall of 2002. First of all, I read a couple of articles on the use of domains and why a domain name is important.

   Of course, after that I considered myself if not an expert, at least more than a novice. Unfortunately, I was nothing but a pretender and then I compounded the problem by running out an immediately buying a domain that was nowhere near what I actually needed to start to get the job done.

Learning On The Fly

   The one amazing thing that I did do for myself that made me proud was that I actually learned the html computer language on my own and that was a huge accomplishment but I used that achievement as motivation to think that I was ready to compete with the people on the internet that really knew what they were doing. That was another huge mistake.

   I had learned html, but, had no idea that there was additional techniques and strategies that had to be applied to the website in order for it to be competitive. I put together a site using html and published it thinking that I was really, seriously going to be able to compete with all of the other marketers on the internet. I didn’t even know about choosing and focusing on a particular niche. I was so lost and it was made worse because of the fact that I thought I was really knowledgeable about websites and getting traffic to those websites.

   Believe it or not, all of the year 2003 was spent focused on an affiliate program that I had joined and I just couldn’t for the life of me figure out why the site wasn’t making any money. I finally made some adjustments to the site and got a couple of sales. That said to me that I was on my way. Wrong! No more sales for the year. Obviously, something was wrong. I went back to the basics and decided that I needed to slow down and start over. So all of that time and effort had basically been wasted. I learned a lot, but, the problem was that I hadn’t learned the most important thing that I needed and that was HOW TO APPLY ALL THAT I HAD LEARNED IN THE CONSTRUCTION OF MY WEBSITE.

Fraustration Starting To Set-in

   From 2004 until around the fall of 2010 I just kind of tinkered around with the website and trying to build up website traffic because In reality I had lost faith in myself and didn’t even know if I believed that it was possible for me as an individual to really make any money using the internet. I was really in the dumps about this whole situation during this time. It was a hard time for me.

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